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Funding a New Dentist for Low Income Adults - 2009

Many VOICE congregations have food, shelter and other emergency services for the homeless and very low income.  One chronic problem they saw was poor dental care among their guests.  Poor dental care would cause people great pain, disruptions from work, and lead to other health problems.  Churches would often pick up the tab to get people help. 

Through research we found that Virginia is one of a few states where dental care is not covered under Medicaid and there are very few dentist chairs at low income health centers. 

In 2009 VOICE launched a campaign challenging the local governments in Northern Virginia to fund an additional dentist at the Northern Virginia Dental Clinic.  In their FY2010 budgets VOICE secured $25,000 from the City of Alexandria, $25,000 from Arlington County and $50,000 from Fairfax County – because the funding is continual in 2012 this amount totaled more than $300,000 toward dental care for low income adults.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009