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Restoring Bus Service to Arlington Families - 2011

When the Department of Human Services moved to a new location in Arlington, many low-income residents found the time and money they spent in transportation there greatly increased. To make her appointments, Carolina Espino had two choices. With two young children in tow, she could take two buses and cross busy streets to make the transfer. Or, pay a neighbor with a car $20 to drive her—money she could spend to buy five gallons of milk for her children.  Carolina chose another option: working with VOICE and other residents to organize a 100 person action with Arlington County Board members. Their work was rewarded: $225,000 in the Arlington budget to extend the bus route to the neighborhoods at the West End of Columbia Pike. During this process, she realized the power of her own voice. “I told my friends that if Arlington approved   the budget for the new bus, I was   going to feel like Rosa Parks!” In August 2011, over 200 residents of Western Columbia Pike and V.O.I.C.E. congregation leaders celebrated the new ART #45 bus service that began this summer.

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Monday, August 1, 2011