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We Thank You for Your Leadership and Continued Support

As you look ahead after a divisive election, please consider a generous gift to VOICE to enable us to do what we do best —build meaningful relationships across the many divides and then focus that relational power to win on the pressing issues we share in common. The 2016 presidential election cycle created strong emotions and deep divides in our country that will require an unprecedented and sustained commitment to overcome.



Please consider investing in change today. Your gift to VOICE will go to hire two on-the-ground organizers to work across those divides that were exacerbated by our recent election and expand our organizing with Muslims, immigrants, and low-income communities. 

Please consider being a Friend of VOICE today with a minimum contribution of $300Thank you for your support.  

  1. VOICE, which is strictly non-partisan, has a strong track record of bringing together people across political, racial and economic divides to act on our common interests and deliver concrete results, such as:
  2. Attorney General Herring committed to work with VOICE to curb gun violence: a) Use the power of his office to go after the  gun dealers that are the major source of guns used in crimes & b) Join 105+ other government entities to compel gun manufacturers to produce "smart" guns. 
  3. 1,900 units of affordable housing in Fairfax, Arlington & Alexandria--organized with tenants to preserve and build these new units;
  4. Won school bus stop for mostly Muslim youth in Bailey's Crossroads area who now can catch the bus near where they live;
  5. Public housing tenants in Alexandria secured 100% approval for their units at Ramsey to remain affordable plus 38 new units;
  6. $13.5M for Affordable Housing in Arlington-VOICE Arlington was key player;
  7. 800+ new Head Start slots for low-income 4-year olds in Prince William County.

Please consider being a Friend of VOICE today with a minimum contribution of $300Thank you for your support.  

Your tax-deductible gift will support all the important work of VOICE. Consider a recurring gift in installments every month.

Thank you for considering a contribution so that VOICE can continue to Create Change We Can See. 

Make a donation one of two ways:

  • MAIL: Make a check out to VOICE and
    In Memo line, if appropriate, please note your institution AND/OR person who asked you for the gift. 

Thank You.

Mail  to:

VOICE c/o Unitarian Universalist
4444 Arlington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22204



If you have made a contribution and would like it to be anonymous (not listed in the Annual Report) please let us know by email at

 VOICE is an independent, strictly non-partisan, tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit organization.