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Organizing Tools

2019 State Issue Agenda & 2018 Victory Highlights PDF icon VOICE_2019_State_Issue_Agenda_About_VOICE_201902v2.pdf
VOICE 2019 Membership Form PDF icon VOICE_2019_Membership_Form.pdf
VOICE 2017 Victories PDF icon VOICE 2017 Victories-v2.pdf
VOICE 2018-2019 Action Plan PDF icon VOICE Wide 2018-2019 Action Plan.pdf

(A) VOICE-Wide Listening Campaign

VOICE Listening Guide PDF icon SimpleVOICE Listening Session Guide.pdf
Twinning Guide PDF icon TwinningGuide.pdf, PDF icon Listention_Session_Example-Schools.pdf
Intro to VOICE & Where to Hold Listening Sessions PDF icon Intro on VOICE & LS.pdf
Builders of the New Dominion Guide PDF icon Builders Guide.pdf
VOICE Issue Briefs Background Issue Briefs

(B) Organizing Reports & Updates

VOICE 2017 Victories PDF icon VOICE 2017 Victories-v2.pdf
VOICE & Metro-IAF Victories with our Muslim members PDF icon Victories in Muslim Community.pdf
2016 Victories PDF icon 2016 Victories - v1.pdf
Voice Signature Victories PDF icon Signature Victories.pdf
2015 Annual Report/Adbook Annual Report 2015
Help Create Change You Can See - 2014 PDF icon 2014 GRF VOICE Highlights - small.pdf, PDF icon 2014 GRF VOICE Highlights - Espanol small.pdf
VOICE 2013 Accomplishments 1 Page Handout PDF icon Mailchimp - 2013 Year Review Small.pdf
VOICE 2013 Accomplishments PowerPoint VOICE 2013 Accomplishments PowerPoint
VOICE 2012 Annual Report/2013 Adbook PDF icon VOICE 2012 Annual Report - Final Website.pdf

(C) Training Materials

The Cellular Chuch, Malcolm Gladwell PDF icon Cellular Church Gladwell.pdf
Rules for Radical Pastors by Gordon E. Simmons PDF icon Rules for Radical Pastors.pdf

(D) Grassroots Fundraising Campaign

Donation Form PDF icon 2014.12.28 Donation Form English & Spanish Basic.pdf
Grassroots Fundraiser Ad Prices & Guidelines PDF icon VOICE Ad Prices & Guidelines.pdf

(E) Affordable Housing

Fairfax City Housing Affordability Study, Summer 2013 PDF icon VOICE - Fairfax City Housing Affordability 2013.pdf

(G) Get Out the Vote

Helpful GOTV Tools PDF icon Get10! Challenge.docx - Google Docs.pdf
Helpful GOTV Tools PDF icon GOTV Announcements.pdf
Helpful GOTV Tools Sign Up for GOTV

(H) VOICE Arlington Resources

Get Out the Vote Leave Behind Literature PDF icon VOICE FLIER_GOTV_43.1_dm.pdf
Volunteers Needed for Get Out the Vote! PDF icon Volunteer needs (1).pdf, PDF icon Volunteer needs b_w.pdf
Volunteer Information for Get Out the Vote PDF icon Volunteer Information.pdf, PDF icon Volunteer Information b_w.pdf
VOICE Arlington GOTV Sign-Up Sheets! PDF icon Volunteer sign up sheets!.pdf
Meet the Candidates Flyer PDF icon Prepare to Vote.pdf
VOICE Arlington Affordable Housing Master Plan Flyer PDF icon VOICE Handout for Sept 19 ACB Mtg.pdf
VOICE Arlington Get Out the Vote Campaign Flyer PDF icon Votes for Justice FINAL.pdf