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Statement by VOICE Strategy Team on Govenor Northam

Statement by VOICE Strategy Team on Govenor Northam

        Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (VOICE) calls on Governor Northam to resign. The photos of Governor Northam dressed in black face or masked in KKK attire are reprehensible and another reminder of Virginia's and our nation's deep, ugly, racist history. VOICE calls on our state and local officials to use this moment to wrestle with how racism is present in our everyday actions and Virginia’s current policies. We challenge ourselves, state officials and other leaders to work together to address our racist history in concrete actions including Criminal Justice Reform, address our two-tier school system— one for the haves and other for the have-nots and our actions to ensure immigrant and Muslim families are not ripped apart. We join Governor Northam and Virginians in this time of needed reflection, healing and prayer. 


-VOICE Strategy Team