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Favola Makes Budget Commitments

Despite declining revenues that are forcing officials to consider budget cuts for the first time in years, County Board Chair Barbara Favola (D) said this weekend that she would not support scaling back Arlington’s affordable housing programs. Read more about Favola Makes Budget Commitments

Cost of Social Conscience

Margaret Davis recently had surgery. She has no job, no place to live, and without the support of her church she would have little hope. Recently someone told her that she didn’t look like a homeless person, and it made her mad.

"I am homeless and I’m not too ashamed to say it," Davis said. As Fairfax County grapples with a projected $650 million budget deficit for the upcoming fiscal year, Davis said it was important to continue to fund programs that offer affordable housing and other services to the county’s low-income residents. Read more about Cost of Social Conscience

North Hill Project Lingers

A quarter-century has passed since the plot of land known as North Hill was purchased by Fairfax County for the development of low income housing. Since that time, recessions have come and gone. A giant housing bubble swelled to capacity and burst. Arguments have emerged to preserve the entire site as green-space. Counter-arguments have been made to use the entire 33-acre site for affordable housing. Read more about North Hill Project Lingers

Shelter That Fairfax Can't Afford to Deny

Since the economic downturn began, requests for food, clothing and rental assistance have skyrocketed in each of our communities of faith throughout Northern Virginia. Multiply that by the 40 congregations in V.O.I.C.E. (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement) and you'll understand why we and other leaders of this broad cross-section of the religious community are urging our elected leaders in Fairfax County to preserve programs for our most vulnerable. Read more about Shelter That Fairfax Can't Afford to Deny

Culmore apartments still in need of repairs

The owners of a deteriorating Baileys Crossroads apartment complex have made some headway in responding to hundreds of fire and building code violations, but tenants are not happy with the progress. Read more about Culmore apartments still in need of repairs

Fairfax tenement restores alarms, extinguishers

The squalid Vista Gardens apartment complex has corrected “over 80 percent” of the more than 700 fire code violations issued in a Fairfax County crackdown last month, including those for the widespread lack of fire alarms, a fire department spokesman said Monday. Read more about Fairfax tenement restores alarms, extinguishers

Fixing a Bad Situation

Help is coming to the residents of Vista Gardens apartments.

They came up to the podium a little reluctantly last Wednesday evening in the cafeteria of Corpus Christi School in Falls Church, smiled faintly to friends, neighbors and family then began telling their stories in Spanish, stopping periodically for their words to be translated into English. Read more about Fixing a Bad Situation

VOICE Arlington Budget Action - February 1st 2009

VOICE leaders gathered at Lomax A.M.E. Zion Church in Arlington, VA.  In the midst of a recession, Arlington County officials agreed to support financially an additional full-time dentist at the NOVA Dental Clinic and to hold the line on expenditures for affordable housing and safety net programs.  The additional dentist allow up to 2,000 additional dental appointments a year for low income adults.



  Read more about VOICE Arlington Budget Action - February 1st 2009