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Can’t Live Here

Speaking in front of her neighbors at the Providence St. John’s Baptist Church that stands humbly in the James Bland neighborhood, public housing resident Barbara Crowder identified herself with a government-issued label “I’m phase three” before giving her name. Read more about Can’t Live Here

Bland residents, city officials reach accord

Current and former James Bland housing residents thanked the Alexandria City Council and the city's housing authority for resolving their relocation issues after a year of protests and meetings. Read more about Bland residents, city officials reach accord

Alexandria vows to improve Bland relocation

The next phase of the James Bland public housing relocation in Alexandria is going to be as chaotic as the first, say current and former residents, but city officials say it will be a much smoother transition. Read more about Alexandria vows to improve Bland relocation

A Penny for Your Thoughts: News of Greater Falls Church

In March, in response to requests from tenants of the Vista Gardens apartment complex in the Culmore area of Bailey's Crossroads, Fairfax County fire marshals and zoning enforcement personnel inspected more than 100 units in the decades-old, privately owned, brick, multi-family buildings. Read more about A Penny for Your Thoughts: News of Greater Falls Church

Inquilinos Buscan Mayor Atención

Inquilinos del complejo de apartamentos Lafayette en Fairfax, Virginia atraviesan una difícil situación al tener que habitar viviendas en estados deplorables y enfrentar una continua inseguridad.

Después de seis meses de reclamos y denunciar indiferencia por parte de la compañía propietaria Eagle Point con el apoyo de la organización V.O.I.C.E. lograron que el supervisor Jeff McKay visite los apartamentos y sea testigo de cómo están viviendo decenas de familias hispanas. Read more about Inquilinos Buscan Mayor Atención

Public Housing Tenants Push For Forced-Move Reimbursements

Some public housing residents in Alexandria who were forced to move say the city owes them money for the cost of relocating.

Sharlene Walker lived alone at the James Bland homes in a two-bedroom apartment. Because she had extra space, the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority pegged her as one of the tenants who should down size, or right size as the authority calls it. Walker says she thought she was going to be part of one of the later groups being relocated. She assumed she had at least two years left in her space. Read more about Public Housing Tenants Push For Forced-Move Reimbursements

City offers to help Glebe Park redevelopment

Alexandria is lending its housing agency nearly $1.5 million for a project to redevelop public housing units at Glebe Park, after a private $2.3 million loan fell through in March.

The project has been a hot topic since October 2007, when the city approved a $5.6 million loan so the Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s development partner, Bethesda firm EYA, could redevelop the Glebe Park area and the beleaguered James Bland public housing units. Read more about City offers to help Glebe Park redevelopment

Favola Makes Budget Commitments

Despite declining revenues that are forcing officials to consider budget cuts for the first time in years, County Board Chair Barbara Favola (D) said this weekend that she would not support scaling back Arlington’s affordable housing programs. Read more about Favola Makes Budget Commitments

Cost of Social Conscience

Margaret Davis recently had surgery. She has no job, no place to live, and without the support of her church she would have little hope. Recently someone told her that she didn’t look like a homeless person, and it made her mad.

"I am homeless and I’m not too ashamed to say it," Davis said. As Fairfax County grapples with a projected $650 million budget deficit for the upcoming fiscal year, Davis said it was important to continue to fund programs that offer affordable housing and other services to the county’s low-income residents. Read more about Cost of Social Conscience

North Hill Project Lingers

A quarter-century has passed since the plot of land known as North Hill was purchased by Fairfax County for the development of low income housing. Since that time, recessions have come and gone. A giant housing bubble swelled to capacity and burst. Arguments have emerged to preserve the entire site as green-space. Counter-arguments have been made to use the entire 33-acre site for affordable housing. Read more about North Hill Project Lingers