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This Is Our Moment!

Oct. 21st 1,200-person Assembly
With BOTH Gov. Northam and Attorney General Herring

DATE/TIME:  Sunday, October 21, 4-6 p.m.

LOCATION:   Fairfax High School, 3501 Rebel Run, Fairfax, VA  22030 

Please arrive at 3:30PM for music and to be sure you can get a seat.


  • Learn how the Governor and Attorney General will lead on VOICE’s priority issues.
  • Sign up for VOICE’s non-partisan voter turnout work in early November in the hotly contested 10th congressional district
  • Find out more about key VOICE issues: 
    >Criminal Justice Reform

Learn how YOU can help move and act on the issues important to you!


Turnout Tips

In advance:

What number? Pick a turnout number that challenges you but also is do-able. It’s important to try to stretch so that you continue to build more people power. Yet, you also want to be able to make your mark.

Organize a turnout team, if possible, for sharing the responsibility of reaching your institution’s quota.

Show your enthusiasm. Do convey that learning, and real change will occur at the event.

How to invite?  Extend personal invitations by speaking to people individually. People turn out people! DON’T depend on clergy, flyers, emails, or bulletin announcements. They are helpful but not a substitute for personal invitations from you.

Clergy person/key leader.  If possible, have your clergy person commit to attend and to reinforce in advance the importance of your congregation making its quota.

Reach out to key leaders outside of your institution. Use the Action to excite new key leaders both within and outside of your institution. Think about the 3-5 new key leaders you want to attend the Action. Make sure you invite them well in advance, and do remember to call and brief them on the Action in advance. If possible, drive with them to the Action. Set up a time after the Action to discuss their reactions to it.

Sign up an additional percentage of attendees appropriate to your institution’s history of attending large meetings. Usually, 20-30% more is good, but, if all attendees are new, it may need to be a higher percentage.

Reminder calls. Call people two times the week of the Action: 1)  3-4 days before; and 2) the night before.

Brief people before the Action and explain the purpose, goals, and desired reactions.

At the Action:

Arrive early and sit as a group. Make sure people know the best place to park and when to arrive to make sure they get a seat with you and the other members of your institution.

After the Action:

Personally check in with attendees (especially key leaders) to find out what they thought of the Action and discuss possible next steps together.

Use Actions to grow your team. If attendees were energized and enjoyed the Action, invite them to your next Core Team meeting or other organizing event.

Hold no-shows accountable. Follow up with them to review the Action and discuss next steps.