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Affordable Housing: Rental & home ownership.

The construction of 10,000 affordable housing units- rental and home ownership in five years between 2023-2028. 

VOICE will call on the gubernatorial candidates to act with VOICE on an affordable housing strategy to meet the real need that our current eviction crisis has made even clearer. In addition, ensure resources for home ownership production to address the huge wealth gap that exists as a result of our discriminatory housing policies, redlining and more. While the need is much greater than the construction of 10,000 units in five years, this would be a transformational start. According to industry experts this is a doable goal. The cost per unit would require around $70,000 each; these funds could consist of a mix of federal, state and local dollars. For most families, 60% of their family wealth comes from equity in their homes. Nationally the average white family has $139,300 in wealth, while the average Black family has $12,780. One possible strategy could be to replicate VOICE’s sister affiliates’ successful Nehemiah Affordable Housing Strategy. At VOICE's sister affiliate in Brooklyn, NY--this strategy created $1.8 billion in equity for Black and Brown families. More details on Metro-IAF Nehemiah Affordable Housing Strategy: here