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Leslie Jones

Georgetown South is a Prince William neighborhood devastated by the housing crisis, with a foreclosure rate of more than 30 percent. That’s nearly 300 homes—300 families—in one neighborhood. 

Leslie Jones has seen the crisis up close. On Beech Place, the street where she lives, there have been 18 foreclosures. One street over on Aspen, 24 homes saw foreclosures. On Taney Road, where the community center sits, there were at least 77 foreclosures. The home ownership rate fell from 60 percent to less than 40 percent.

Home values have fallen drastically— sometimes from $250,000 to $60,000.  With a crisis like this, whole neighborhoods are damaged. Leslie has seen that, too. “The numbers don’t tell the whole story. Our neighborhood went through a depression. Friends disappeared. Homes stood vacant inviting drug dealers and other crime. Investors scooped up properties cheaply and became slum landlords barely maintaining the properties and threatening tenants.”

Leslie too has joined the VOICE campaign.  “We don’t have to stand for this. I will not stand for it.”